TEASER END CARD FEB2014marketing

A spiritual missionary in the form of a 10-foot walking, talking tree asks us to explore human nature and the survival of our species, but in the end he must contend with his own survival and past.

Flowing through the public as his surreal 10-foot tree persona, Lionel Powell, the Treeman, has a unique ability to make empathetic connections with complete strangers giving them a sense of wonder and even tears of joy. He finds peace through Treeman’s interactions with the public and volunteer appearances at events for social change. Living homeless on the streets of Venice Beach, Lionel brings a unique face to social activism in America. Working to bring joy and awareness to others he realizes that his own life is fractured and attempts to break a 20-year cycle of homelessness while reconciling his past.

A documentary by Michael Angelo


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TEASER END CARD FEB2014marketing