A Touch of Venice Michael Angelo and Treeman

“I’ve always had a passion for the arts and helping others, so I decided to gift documentaries to homeless artists in Venice Beach. While filming with Lionel, the Treeman, we became instant best friends. Treeman connects with people without judgment regardless of race, politics, religion, etc. and unable to see beneath his mask they are forced to do the same. As digital media focuses our attention on conflict and division, these interactions showed me the importance of Lionel’s story and Treeman’s mission, to see nature in each other’s eyes and in doing so see our own reflections.

I’ve explored human nature with Treeman for many years, united in our mission to help others. Little did I know that Treeman’s greatest impact would come from Lionel removing the mask to help him self, while both inspiring and humanizing the un-housed. I am eternally grateful to him for letting me tell his story and to all our volunteers who have given selflessly to the project. “A DocumenTree” has been made almost entirely with volunteers, the filmmaking reflecting our theme of giving.”

                                                                                  – Michael Angelo

More about the filmmaker Michael Angelo at michaelangelomedia.com


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