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Our mission with Treeman is to explore the relationship between nature and humanity. Spending time in nature triggers what neuroscientists call a “flow state”, positive feedback and a sense of well being from behavior that benefits us. We can also achieve flow states through athletics i.e. “being in the zone”, playing musical instruments, the flow arts, stilt walking and even through volunteerism. Volunteering to help those in need can make you healthier, happier and when people see you giving, mirror neurons in their brain react so they feel joy too. We are born helpless and need community to survive, nature rewards us for behavior that keeps us united.

HUMANITY AND TECHNOLOGY – We are all reflections of nature

This message of unity is contrary to the polarization we see online and in media that keeps us agitated and fixated as information platforms profit from advertising impressions. But are we really so diametrically opposed? Viewing the world through the lens of digital media it is easy to de-humanize those whose viewpoints we do not share as “other” responding with outrage, even violence. Treeman’s interactions with the public and his message that “We are all reflections of nature” comes when we need it most, and Lionel’s story affords us a unique look into America’s homeless, so often viewed as “other”.

A documentary by Michael Angelo

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